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Now I teach makeup classes around the world and share my secrets that I've learned through over 10 years of experience. It's been a dream of mine since I discovered my first lipstick, to create and own my very own brand. My goal is to create products that do exactly what they say and that actually last! So many of you have asked what's next!

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I love lips, so I wanted to make the most light weight liquid-to-matte lipstick on the market! I'm already creating new colors that will be out shortly!! Also, regular lipsticks, lip scrubs, highlighters,and eye shadow palettes are being developed next!

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Here's what they didn't tell you: light and bright shades of lipstick look as beautiful on dark skin tones as they do on fairer skins. It's just about finding the right consistency for you, whether it's Jennifer Hudson's metallic coral lips at the Oscars or Nicki Minaj's hot pink pout. Going from lip balm to brick red would terrify anyone," Nicola advises.

Correction is one of those loaded words, bandied around more frequently with darker skins than others. It can be summarised thus: if you want to play certain features down and others up, you can. That's the beauty of make-up. But nobody should feel compelled to do so.

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Soft browns, khakis and velvety moss greens look incredible with dramatic lips," she says. It's easy to think that darker skins always need eye definition, but a little mascara and a smudge of eye gloss to the lids and cheekbones Mac Pro do a brilliant one creates an ultra-modern look. Whatever combo you opt for, apply your lipstick first and work backwards, that way you'll always keep the proportion perfect.

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If you're still reading this column and take away nothing else, then disregard the notion of cool and warm toned lipsticks. It's about taking a look, whether it's a catwalk trend or something ripped out of a magazine, and making it work for you. Thanks to: Nicola Chapman www. Definitely one for the Christmas list.